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Celebrating 40 Years of Transforming Lives

Celebrating 40 Years of Transforming Lives is a heartfelt retrospective that commemorates The Edinburg Center’s 40th Anniversary. This video includes our staff, the individuals we serve, family members, community partners and our Board of Directors sharing their personal insights in regards to The Center’s ongoing commitment to providing the individuals we serve with the opportunity to live a life full of dignity, achievement and hope.

A Pioneer with a Purpose

Golda Edinburg provided the initial vision and leadership that strategically guided The Edinburg Center from its infancy to a thriving community-based service organization. This video pays tribute to Golda’s legacy and the individuals that we serve who live, work and socialize as contributing members of the community.

Community: Treating Brain Injury

Learn about Jill’s transition from living in a nursing home to maintaining a rich happy life in the community that includes the support of caring staff and positive connections with friends and family.

Robert: A Journey of Recovery

Robert describes the many challenges that he faced and the compassionate network of professionals and programs including The Center’s Community Based Flexible Supports that assisted him as he worked towards creating a fulfilling life.

Home: Supporting Children and Families

“They gave us hope”…. Dylann’s family expresses how they benefited from The Edinburg Center’s personalized In-Home Therapy, Behavioral and Therapeutic Mentoring Services.

Potter Place: Employment Through Partnership

Mike and Gloria share their personal stories about recovery and finding meaningful employment through the services and supportive membership of the Potter Place Clubhouse.

Steve’s Story

Steve’s struggles began while he was in his teens. After a number of years he decided that in order to change and move forward that he had to start from within. Today Steve attends The Center’s Opportunities Day Treatment Program. He enjoys participating in the group process and helping others as well as moving forward in his life.

Sarah’s Story

Sarah’s story is a prime example of how hard work and determination along with a supportive and caring staff can transform a life. Sarah has many friends, has been employed for over ten years and loves going on day trips and vacations. In Sarah’s words, “The Edinburg Center has helped me so much, in so many ways – they gave me my life back.”

Suzanne’s Story

Suzanne stated that she is not the same person she was five years ago. She looks forward to attending The Center’s Opportunities Day Treatment Program – she said that people are always happy to see her and that they help her feel important. Today her life includes gardening, teaching yoga and socializing with her friends. Suzanne said that she now has the skills to get through the day, “I have hope and I am not alone”.

Joe’s Story

In the 1940s and 50s, society felt that people with disabilities should live in institutions and out of the public eye. Joe was institutionalized at the Fernald State School as a young boy and resided there until he was 33 years old. This video illustrates the happy, fulfilling life Joe built for himself in the community with the support and services he receives from The Center’s Developmental Disabilities Clinical Team.

Recovery Through Employment

The Edinburg Center has always valued employment as a critical part of a person’s wellness and recovery. This video takes us on the journey of two courageous individuals who receive services from our Potter Place Clubhouse and Community Based Flexible Supports who work towards meaningful employment and also includes a number of poignant and powerful responses to the question “What does employment mean to you”?

A Meaningful Life

This video includes four short vignettes that describe part of The Edinburg Center’s continuum of services, with a focus on the achievements of two extraordinary individuals who live in supervised residential settings as well an inside look at our Jail Diversion Program and a personal profile of the founder of our Annual Rock into Recovery event.

Opportunities Psychiatric Day Treatment Center

Take a tour of our Opportunities Psychiatric Day Treatment Program. Learn about the different types of modalities that help people develop their own recovery journeys and hear how Opportunities has helped many individuals lead a fulfilling life. In the words of a person who attends Opportunities: “I have a profound sense of hope that I never had before”.