Jail Diversion

Jail Diversion is a collaborative approach between police officers and mental health professionals that focuses on creating alternatives to arrest and jail detention for individuals who come in contact with the police and could benefit from mental health and substance abuse services or other social services.

The Jail Diversion Clinician is based at the police department and is an integral part of the police organization. The Clinician accompanies patrol officers in the community, providing a joint response to calls for service. In addition, the Clinician follows-up with individuals during non-emergency times to provide support and stability to people whose situation would typically result in another emergency.

The Clinician also responds to calls involving domestic issues such as reports of domestic violence and child abuse and neglect. Clinicians assist in the stabilization of the scene utilizing de-escalation techniques and providing victim assistance. While the officers focus on maintaining a safe, secure scene, clinicians focus on assessing the needs of the individual family members. The Edinburg Center provides services to the communities of Waltham and Arlington.

To obtain more information or make a referral, please contact:

Lili Schwan-Rosenwald
Senior Director of Mental Health Services