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The Edinburg Center offers an array of innovative services which promote personal growth and independence, foster hope and enhance the quality of life of people with mental health conditions, co-occurring substance use conditions and/or developmental disabilities or brain injuries.

the average number of years between the onset of mental illness symptoms and treatment

the number of 25-year-olds with autism having never held a paying job


of U.S. medical school students report receiving no clinical training regarding people with Intellectual Disabilities

the likelihood of high school students with depression to drop out compared to their peers

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Download the Edinburg Center’s 2020-2021 Annual Report to learn about the array of innovative services provided to promote personal growth and enhance the quality of life of persons served.

Proud Winner of the Cummings Grant 2021

The Edinburg Center is very thankful to the Trustees of the Cummings Foundation for supporting and shining a powerful light on the work we do!

“Our program director has hope for all of us. I feel like a butterfly because of her.”

– A participant in our Opportunities Day Treatment Program

“Right from the start, I knew this was a company I wanted to learn and grow with. My supervisors have been absolutely amazing and extremely supportive. I am so happy to be part of Edinburg.”

– A staff person in our Children’s Behavioral Program

“The staff encouraged me to live my life in the way I really wanted. I tried to move forward through a lot of fear and anxiety and tried new things. The staff reassured me each and every day.”

– A participant of many of our programs

“Recently, our daughter underwent brain surgery. Her program manager called, visited, and gave up his personal time to aid us through this difficult period. We can never thank him enough for being there during this frightening time.”

– A parent of an adult child who resides in one of our community-based programs

“Your staff person is probably one of the kindest people we ever have met. She was put on this earth to work with people with disabilities. She loves each and every client in the house.”

– Parents of an adult child who resides in one of our community-based programs

“People tell me that I have come so far, even in the past few years. You have impacted me in more ways than I can put into words. You believed in me and you taught me how to be the best I can be.”

– A job-seeking participant writes to our Director of Employment