Golda Edinburg

Over the course of a professional career, Golda Edinburg distinguished herself as a leader in the field of mental health as a social worker, educator, administrator and community activist.

Guided by the goals of providing quality care and improving the quality of life for persons with mental health conditions and their families, Ms. Edinburg’s leadership contributed significantly to the development of the mental health and social work fields.

From 1971 through 1986, Ms. Edinburg volunteered on the Department of Mental Health and Retardation Area Board of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts in Waltham, Massachusetts. Under her leadership as its President, federal funding was secured to establish the Metropolitan Beaverbrook Mental Health and Retardation Center as an independent community mental health center. After its incorporation in 1977, Ms. Edinburg served as a member of The Center’s Board and in both executive officer roles of President and Vice President until 1986. In these roles, Ms. Edinburg provided the vision and leadership that strategically guided The Center from its infancy to a thriving community-based service organization which provides an innovative and comprehensive continuum of community-based services. This continuum includes community outreach support services, residential supports, respite care, day treatment, clubhouse services, employment services, in-home family and child services, outpatient counseling and medication services.

Initially established as the Metropolitan Beaver-brook Mental Health and Retardation Center, the agency changed its name in the mid-1980’s to The Center for Mental Health and Retardation Services in an effort to describe the services it provided. In 2002, the agency again changed its name to The Edinburg Center as a tribute to Golda Edinburg and her legendary career.

“We were just so glad as her family, that when The Edinburg Center was named, that it was during Golda’s lifetime and she got to be part of it.’’
— Ellen Kazin