Specialty Mental Health Services

Specialty Flex Team
The Edinburg Center’s Department of Mental Health (DMH) Flex Team is a specialty team which integrates mental health and behavior therapies. This specialized team consists of a program manager, master’s level Mental Health Clinician, Board Certified Behavior Analyst, a Therapeutic Support Specialist, and Young Adult Peer Mentor. The DMH Flex team works collaboratively with the youth, family, DMH and other formal and informal supports to stabilize youth and prevent out of home placements, such as psychiatric hospitalizations. All members of the DMH Flex Team adhere to family voice and choice and use a person-centered plan. Service planning and delivery is trauma-informed, and strengths-based. Referrals for the DMH Flex Team are made solely through the Department of Mental Health.


Intensive Home Based Therapeutic Care (IHBTC)
The Edinburg Center’s Intensive Home Based Therapeutic Care (IHBTC) team provides support to youth and families in their home and community in order to stabilize youth, help them develop and maintain positive behaviors and feelings at home, school, and in the community in order to prevent or shorten the need for an out of home placement. Treatment is prepared to align with each youth and family’s unique needs, using a person-centered, trauma-informed, and strengths-based approach.

We have a wraparound team with capacity to serve 18 youth and families from The Department of Mental Health (DMH) North Shore catchment area inclusive of the Salem, Lynn, and Metro North DMH offices. All referrals come directly from DMH.


Brief Treatment/Hospital Diversion Program
Through early intervention and intensive community based support, our team at The Edinburg Center, aim to divert psychiatric admissions via assessment, safety planning, coaching, psychoeducation, skill building, connections to informal and formal supports and 24-hr on call support. This team comprises of Master’s level Mental Health Clinicians, Board Certified Behavior Analysts, and Therapeutic Support Specialists. Referrals for Brief Treatment are exclusively through the Emergency Department and/or in conjunction with the local Emergency Service Provider (ESP). Participation in Brief Treatment does not qualify the individuals for other services we provide through DMH.


For more information or to make a referral, please contact:

Kayte Russell, LICSW
Director of Children’s Services