Our Diverse Community

The Edinburg Center’s Diversity Committee

The Edinburg Center’s Diversity Committee is in full swing! Led by Lynn Bishop, VP of Developmental Disability Services and Ruby Morris, the Group Home Director for Brookfield in Burlington, the team consists of 20 members who meet weekly to discuss the ways in which the organization can become more diverse and determine areas for further work. During recent meetings, the group undertook an organization-wide diversity survey and revisited the group’s mission statement. Please find a revised statement here.

Anthony Nganga and Charlotte Dominguez are members of one of the group’s four subcommittees. They are in charge of diversity communication, publishing and social media. Their latest project is to bring the Committee’s work on-line with a new page on the Edinburg Center’s Website called Our Diverse Community. Please find the link here and check back regularly to see what the other subcommittees have been up to. Other committees include:

  • The Outreach Team – which routinely surveys programs to ascertain diversity needs and/or issues within the organization;
  • The Training Team – which works on a training agenda for the organization; and
  • The Scholarships Team – which is working to determine how the Center can offer scholarships to BIPOC to promote career advancement.

The Edinburg Center’s Diversity Committee is seeking new members! If you are interested in joining, please reach out to Lynn or Ruby.

For additional information, please contact:

Elaine Farash, LICSW
VP of Clinical Services