Meaningful Whole Life

The Meaningful Whole Life program provides integrated meaningful whole life services to young adults and adults. These services are flexible enough to take place at home or in the community in order to ensure safety for individuals, staff and communities.

A team of Champions provides individualized services to individuals in the program. Each individual’s participation is driven by his or her hopes, wishes, dreams and desires and culminates in an individualized plan of care, which he or she develops in concert with the people he or she identifies as being important to him or her. No person’s program of activities will look the same.

A BE POSITIVE framework drives our Meaningful Whole Life program. This framework represents the vision for most of our services.

  • P – We believe all things are possible
  • O – We help to create opportunities for the people we serve
  • S – We are always supportive
  • I – We treat all people as an individual
  • T – We believe every moment provides opportunities for teaching
  • I – We promote independence for the all persons served
  • V – We know that everyone has value
  • E – We must always have empathy

The Meaningful Whole Life program is currently unique to The Edinburg Center.

To obtain more information or make a referral, please contact:

Lynn Bishop
Executive Vice President