Hospital Diversion & Respite

Site-Based & Mobile Respite

The Respite program provides short-term, flexible rehabilitative services to individuals who are seeking to prevent an unnecessary psychiatric hospitalization or in need of temporary transitional support and stabilization upon leaving an inpatient unit. Services may be delivered in the community or through our site-based respite service, where individuals receive 24-hour staff supervision and support.

Respite features a team of professionals that includes, among others, a psychiatrist, a nurse, a social worker and a peer specialist. Individuals who do not already receive medication services in a community setting may receive this service from the program psychiatrist. The team is also able to offer extensive medication monitoring and education. The social worker performs a comprehensive clinical assessment and works with each individual to develop a person- centered, recovery-oriented action plan. The peer specialist provides support, role modeling, and direct teaching of self-advocacy skills.

Intakes are conducted immediately upon referral and admissions occur at the moment the individual needs the service. Services are individualized and flexible, with the primary goal to address each person’s unique needs. The Respite program is time-limited. As individuals become ready for discharge, they are linked to longer-term services in the community.

Referrals to Respite are made only through the Massachusetts Department of Mental Health.


Behavioral Health Urgent Care Services

This service aids an individual experiencing a new episode or an increase in mental health symptoms, as an alternative to visiting an emergency room. Our team will provide a clinical assessment, and a brief intervention aimed at helping the person alleviate immediate symptoms that are interfering with the person’s functioning. Available to those who have MassHealth Insurance and, or Medicare.

For more information, or to obtain services, please contact: 781-761-5171 or Email:


Hospital Diversion/Adult Brief Treatment

This is a short-term crisis program. Through early intervention and intensive community based support, our team at The Edinburg Center, aim to divert psychiatric admissions via assessment, safety planning, coaching, psychoeducation, skill building, connections to informal and formal community supports and 24-hr on call support. The overall goal of this 30-day program is to connect individuals with community support and reduce ED visits.

This team comprises of Master’s level Mental Health Clinicians, Board Certified Behavior Analysts, and Therapeutic Support Specialists.

Referrals for Brief Treatment are exclusively through the Emergency Department and/or in conjunction with the local Emergency Service Provider (ESP).

Participation in Brief Treatment does not qualify the individuals for other services we provide through DMH.

For more information, please contact:

MaryLynn Sokolowski
Director of Intensive Community Supports