Adult Community Clinical Services

Adult Community Clinical Services (ACCS) offers a person-centered and comprehensive service model, built upon the values of recovery and resiliency. This model employs evidenced-based practices which are mental health interventions that have been demonstrated to consistently improve the lives of Persons Served. ACCS provides all Persons with peer support, health and wellness services, and family support and advocacy. The program combines the best of a broad-spectrum of clinical, rehabilitative and support services for Persons with mental health conditions with the specialized treatment that many individuals require to move forward in their lives.

Each Person’s ACCS team assists in the development of self-advocacy skills and helps them attain meaningful and valued roles as members of the community, while nurturing their self-esteem and hope. Peer specialists provide support, role modeling, and direct teaching to Persons who are engaged in the process of determining the course of their life and learning to take reasonable risks.

Services are provided in short-term residential programs or through outreach in community settings, such as an individual’s home, place of work or physician’s office. Program staff, which include licensed clinicians, addictions specialists and nurses, use a holistic approach to assist each individual in developing an action plan to achieve their recovery goals. Specific services may include assistance with: finding and maintaining safe and affordable housing, medication monitoring and training, health and wellness education and support, developing Wellness Recovery Action (WRAP) Plans, identifying and accessing community resources, and educating and supporting families.

Referrals for ACCS are made through the Massachusetts Department of Mental Health.

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