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Recovery is

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The Potential to Learn

The Center’s mission is distinguished by our longstanding belief that all individuals have the potential to learn, the capacity for change and the right to live a meaningful life in the community of his or her choice. Our mission is to provide an array of innovative services which promote personal growth and independence, foster hope and enhance the quality of life of people with mental health conditions, co-occurring substance use conditions and/or developmental disabilities or brain injuries.

The Center maintains a specific commitment to providing services to persons whose complex and challenging needs have typically been barriers to successful community living.

What’s New

Opportunities for New Beginnings and Hope – The Edinburg Center’s Winter Appeal
There are opportunities for new beginnings and hope for the future, according to Alexandra – a person served by The Edinburg Center. Alexandra had not worked for 14 years. She struggled with deep depression found it difficult to communicate with others. Alexandra stated that “Coming to The Edinburg Center’s Opportunities Day Treatment Program gave me something to do at first. The staff encouraged me to live my life in the way I really wanted to and supported my efforts to participate in variety of programs.  I tried to move forward through a lot of fear and anxiety and tried new things”.

Since Alexandra took this first step, she has mastered many of the activities and tasks that she once struggled with. Alexandra is now working. She loves her job and is also looking forward to getting married in the future. In Alexandra’s words: “Wow – I am doing this. I am so happy. This is amazing!” 

We hope that you can consider making a donation to The Edinburg Center. Please know that your support will help The Center provide the individuals we serve with the opportunity to live a life full of dignity, achievement and hope. To make a donation, please click on the following secure link : Donate to The Edinburg Center

Children & Family Outpatient Services
The Edinburg Center is now offering individual therapy for children up to age 18 and for families with children under 18.  The therapists have specialized experience working with children. Commercial, Medicare and Medicaid insurances are welcome. For more information about these new services, please contact Tali Rojem at trojem@edinburgcenter.org or 781-761-5103. For more information about The Center’s Children’s Services please click on the following link: Children’s Services.

Please click here for Upcoming Family Education & Support Groups